Provoked by BIG ideas like Love, Grace and Peace, we're an expanding community of faithful, forgiving friends based in Taber, Alberta.

Inspired by Jesus, we believe the love of God changes everything and we’re everyday folks learning to live loved.

Faithful, Forgiving Friends

As everyday people, we seek to live life deeply, discover meaning and purpose by experiencing the God-who-loves, and in turn, to learn to love and live well. We understand it's hard to do this on our own, so we choose to do this together as faithful, forgiving friends.

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A Church for the Rest of Us

We want to be an inclusive community of regular folks seeking to live life on purpose. We're not super-saints nor do we have it all together. We are about love, mercy, grace, kindness and living lives that are growing in genuinely life-giving ways.
We are deeply inspired by the person of Jesus and what he taught about being human and Kingdom of God.

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Our Gatherings are informal, relational and interactive. You are welcome just as you are!
We get together to learn and to share. To have fun, to wrestle, to laugh, to cry, to sing and be quiet. We gather to be refreshed and inspired to live life well!

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